Steve Swanson

Steve Swanson will take us to the heavens as many have witnessed angels joining in singing audibly during his worship sessions bringing great glory and power and carry you into the heavenly realms with his powerful and glorious worship music. Steve carries a powerful anointing and impartation in worship, intercession, and prophecy, which creates an atmosphere of breakthrough in worship and opens the heavens.

Jerame Nelson

Jeremy Nelson carries major revival mantle and leads and hosts the San Diego revival that has been occurring for over 1 year! He will release the full impartation of the power of God from San Diego. He flows in a high level of revelation, healings, miracles and the prophetic.

Mahesh Chavda

Mahesh Chavda is a General and a carrier of the Glory of God and was a friend of Ruth Heflin. He is apostolic, prophetic and moves in healing, signs and wonders wherever he goes. He has seen resurrections and nations saved!

Lance Wallnau

Dr. Lance Wallnau has received major heavenly revelation on how to shift things on the earth in government, the church, media and many other spheres and in your life particularly now as the winds of change are in your favor.