Valentine’s Day Love Sale

ATTENTION: If You’re Single Or Dating And You Find Yourself Wishing To Get Married This Video Is For You!

(This video was released right after Stephanie first published her book God is Your Matchmaker! Ignore the old ads.)

If You Are Serious About Finding The Right Spouse & Have A Good Marriage, Then Our Valentine’s Love Sale Is Your Next Step.

For A Limited Time, You Can Save Up To 30% On Select Products From Stephanie Herzog!

Ends February 18th at Midnight

What Is The Valentine’s Love Sale?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day and this season of love, we wanted to help you find the person God has chosen for you. This way you can stop being afraid of never finding anyone and can actually have a fun marriage that glorifies God.

That’s why we put together this limited sale.

In the products featured in this limited sale, Stephanie Herzog uses her own successful marriage as a template to give you practical and proven steps to show you how God works supernaturally to bring together those whom He has chosen.

What Is Available For The Valentine’s Love Sale?


You can get all 3 of these groundbreaking products as a bundle for 30% off.

Ends February 18th at Midnight


You can choose any of the following products for 20% off.

God is Your Matchmaker book

God is Your Matchmaker DVD

Supernatural Matchmaking CD Set