Sid Roth

You need to read David’s teaching impartation book, Secrets of the Glory. God is looking for vessels right now on which to pour out His Glory. He will then use these people to impart this Glory on multitudes. Make up your mind you will be one of the carriers of this Glory. Read this book. Find your hunger for more of God than ever. Get ready! The Glory is coming!

DR. Chuck D. Pierce

David Herzog shares what he has learned about accessing and cultivating the glory realm, and releasing its invasion into the Earth. From the basic practices of fellowshipping with God, to the outer limits of faith for the impossible, David urges and encourages us to know God more and impact the world with His glory. As you turn this page and read more, know that you are embarking on a lifechanging glory journey!

Joshua Mills

David’s desire to see God’s manifest Glory is evident through his quest to search out the secrets of the Glory. It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out. You are being given a supernatural invitation to discover new realms of Divine presence that reveal the manifestation of Heaven’s blessings.

Doug Addison

David Herzog’s book, Secrets of the Glory, opens up the gateway to receiving and experiencing God’s glory in your life. It is filled with sound biblical teaching, amazing testimonies and activation prayers. I have met only a few people who carry the ability to release the glory of God as David does. Amazing miracles happen in his meetings as a normal occurrence.

Dr. Che Ahn

Secrets of the Glory is a breath of fresh air in its approach to how we are to pursue our relationship with God and even how we are to do ministry: no longer from giftedness or anointing, but from a dimension of the glory that only manifests itself through presence-driven intimacy and hunger for the face, and not the hand, of God. Prepare to have your faith stirred and your hunger intensified as you read the pages of Secrets of the Glory and receive an impartation to encounter the Spirit realm of glory that draws attention away from our gifts as ministers and brings the Father the ultimate glory, as the source of every good and perfect gift.