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2018 Glory Awakening




Glory Awakening

New Beginnings – Rosh Hashanah

September 6 – 9, 2018




The great Awakening of America is already starting! 2018 is a key year for the beginning of birth pains of the last great harvest!

Something new has been birthed in Phoenix especially at our last conference like never before! There is a HUGE momentum in the spirit right now. The last conference was the most packed we have ever seen as people are flying in from all over the USA!

This time we will be meeting during the open heavens timing of Rosh Hoshanna where God promises a special blessing from heaven.

Joshua Mills Operates with miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ.  Traveling to more than sixty nations around the world, he has been creating a realm of glory wherever he goes, with a clear message that “praise changes the atmosphere.”

Warren Marcus the author of the best selling book, “The Priestly Blessing” will release to us fresh revelation and heavenly encounters as he released the most powerful revelation and visitation that we have ever experienced to date.

Also Prophet Bob Hazlett will be with us. This man has one of the most accurate prophetic gifts and mantles we have ever seen. He will release the prophetic word of what God is saying and doing in this hour over the conference and at times individuals.

Dr. David Herzog has seen a major increase in the glory, power, and prophetic mantle on his life. The spirit of Awakening has infused him with a fresh mantle to see entire cities open up to the gospel around the world with salvations, miracles and signs following in stadiums, civic centers, conferences and revivals. He often prophesies and ministers into governments, Presidents and Prime Ministers, mayors as well as those in the Hollywood/Entertainment industry and is a best selling author.

Stephanie Herzog flows in a powerful prophetic seer gift as well as life transforming revelatory teaching in conferences, stadiums and revivals. She also flows in a powerful healing/miracle and deliverance gift as she herself was healed of Leukemia at a young age. Stephanie is also an author of her latest book, “God is your Matchmaker.”

Steve Swanson will be taking us into the greater glory. When he leads worship angels are everywhere and the thick glory of God abounds. The worship alone in the meetings is life changing.

Other special notable speakers are coming and will soon be added!


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