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2016 Glory Awakening – CD SET



Guest Speakers include: Joshua Mills, Doug Addison, Dr. David Herzog, Stephanie Herzog, and Timothy Snodgrass




Many major prophetic events are prophesied to occur in your personal life, the Church, America, and worldwide that could change the world and history as we know it! Can you sense major change is in the air?

Now more than any time of year God releases fresh assignments and alignments that affect our destiny. God promises a huge blessing when we stop to celebrate this very strategic season at this kairos time!

Also Phoenix and Arizona have been targeted for a major move of God according to many notable prophetic voices! When you are at the right place (Phoenix, Arizona) at the right time (Rosh Hashanah) a supernatural convergence causes extraordinary breakthrough. God starts to count the new year (New Beginnings) during this time! Could you use a fresh “reset”?

Rosh Hashanah is one of those super prophetic seasons where God speaks to His people in a very powerful way. Many prophetic ministers and believers receive great heavenly visitation, huge favor, and blessing during this time when they set time aside to be with Him and His people. We call these times “seasonal portals”; seasons of time where God promises to visit in a certain way if we just show up to the appointment.

Also in heaven huge things occur during these kairos times and we have realized when we sync on earth with heaven at the same kairos time when heaven is celebrating these specific seasons we get a huge download. This happens during Rosh Hashanah often more than other times in the year, because those are specific seasons God set up where things are occurring in the heavens.

Knowing what God is about to do and positioning yourself for it is the key to riding the wave of God’s move on the earth with great blessing and favor. It’s one of the times that God promises to visit and bless in an extraordinary way. It’s also the season where major shifts occur in the earth. God promises to do nothing before revealing it to his servants and prophets. Come enter into the major shift and glory visitation during Rosh Hashanah and be aligned correctly for the coming year for Awakening in your life and America!

“Revival Glory” fire is now spreading from California to Washington to Arizona and beyond. Many of the speakers were at the Azusa L.A. stadium (and/or live in California) with 100,000 people and will release the wave of Awakening also from the San Diego revival where Joshua co-started and David has visited and ministered. Also some of the speakers have just returned from the Jerusalem, Israel Glory that ignited during Pentecost. The Herzog’s will have returned from a national stadium event in Hungary only days after their Asia Glory Invasion tour. Now all the speakers are bringing it all back to Phoenix, Arizona!

A fresh new prayer/worship movement has started in Arizona as most of the DHM staff are constantly in a non stop prayer mode. Additionally they have been joining the regional and statewide prayer movements. They have been hosting monthly worship prayer nights as believers and pastors across multiple denominational and non denominational streams have been participating. Arizona has been prophesied as the next hotspot of revival/awakening by many prophets recently. You just can’t miss it!

Join us for this power-packed 4 day weekend for our Rosh Hashanah 2016 conference as the Heavens split wide open up and the Spirit comes down with the spirit of awakening and revival! Major events occur during Rosh Hashanah as it’s a season of a New Year on the Hebrew God breathed heavenly calendar coinciding with historic events on the earth!

Doug Addison and other prophetic voices have prophesied that Arizona is one of the states that God will start to re-open the ancient gates and wells. Each meeting here we have hosted in Arizona has only increased every time exploding with heaven’s power, miracles, signs and wonders, open heavens, salvations, heavy glory and even a resurrection last year on the first night!

The fires of the L.A. Azusa event, the San Diego Revival, the Jerusalem, Israel Glory, and the amazing prophetic movement occurring will all be intertwined with the prayer movement, glory movement, miracle/healing movement, prayer and intercession movement all converging in Arizona with Joshua Mills, Doug Addison, David Herzog, Stephanie Herzog, Timothy Snodgrass & Jake Hamilton and others who have been on the cutting edge of these different moves of God occurring across our nation and the earth. As mentioned David and Stephanie Herzog will have just come back from a major national stadium awakening event starting to break out in Hungary with amazing miracles, signs, and intense glory exploding and tons of salvations as they move in regional and national revival, miracles, the glory of God and the spirit of awakening. Timothy Snodgrass also based in California is one of the highest level prophets that has amazing accuracy. He has a deep intimacy with God and the angelic realm and will bless your socks off.

Doug Addison moves in a major prophetic visitation as he has been receiving almost daily major heavenly visitation showing him major events about to occur and how to access them. Stephanie Herzog, healed of Leukemia herself, flows in an amazing high prophetic, teaching, and revival mantle and carries the fresh healing power of God with signs following as God has been giving her some amazing dreams of what is about to occur! The amazing worship with Jake Hamilton and our local team will help take us to the greater heavenly realms of revival worship which is always amazing.

Pick up the spirit of revival already flowing in the west and take it home! Get your New Beginnings this fall and enter into this new season of destiny and awakening coming to America this year during during Rosh Hashanah when God promises to visit His people in an exceptional way and cause a New Beginning during this season! Access and flow in the Glory of God and hear His voice clearly. Experience healing, miracles, signs and wonders following in the heavy Glory of God! Experience the most heavenly open heaven worship like you’ve never encountered before.

Hear what God is saying over your life, the USA, and the world for the end of 2016 and 2017 so you know how to position yourself for the coming tsunami wave of Awakening. If you have not been able to get to the L.A., Azusa event, San Diego revival, Jerusalem, Israel glory and the fresh supernatural prophetic move catch the wave coming to your area in Phoenix!

God promises to visit in historic ways as you experience your season of visitation during the Rosh Hashanah season where God releases new breakthroughs. When you show up to God’s feast you get empowered to move forward into your destiny.

Join Joshua Mills, Doug Addison, Dr. David Herzog, Stephanie Herzog, Timothy Snodgrass and others as we worship in Phoenix, Arizona. This 4 day event will be a time of revival impartation hitting the Southwest, miracles/healings, Signs and Wonders, Awakening, and igniting a fresh prayer and national revival and prophetic revelation for the amazing days ahead!



Joshua Mills:

Joshua Mills is an internationally recognized ordained minister of the gospel, recording artist, keynote conference speaker, best-selling author and visionary who worships and preaches by standing within the cloud and ministering directly from the glory unto the people. Wherever he goes the Lord confirms His Word with miraculous signs and wonders that testify of Jesus Christ. Traveling to more than sixty nations around the world, he has been creating a realm of glory wherever he goes, with a clear message that “praise changes the atmosphere.” Joshua and his wife, Janet, have ministered to millions around the world through radio, television and online webcasts. They currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada along with their children; Lincoln, Liberty and Legacy.

Doug Addison:

Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author, Life Coach and stand-up comedian. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His unique style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

Timothy Snodgrass:

Timothy Snodgrass is the president and founder of Eleventh Hour Prayer Network, based in Santa Maria, California. This year Timothy celebrated his 40th year in full time ministry. He has traveled to over 88 nations around the globe since 1975, and is known for being at the right place at the right time. In 2011, Timothy arrived in Japan only 30-minutes before the great 9.0 quake on March 11, and has given accounts of miracles, signs, wonders, multiplication of food and water, and amazing supernatural events which drew multitudes to Christ during Japan’s greatest seismic event in history. In 1989, after spending several years planting churches across Zimbabwe and South Africa, Timothy arrived in Germany on the day the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, 1989. Timothy ministers in the glory realm with signs and wonders following, and rarely knows where he is going until he arrives at his destination.

Dr. David Herzog:

Dr. David Herzog is the founder of David Herzog Ministries based in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. David is a dynamic speaker, best-selling author, and appears often on TV and Radio, who moves in creative miracles, healing signs and wonders worldwide with fresh revelation as well as equipping believers to operate in the glory and power of God. David and his wife, Stephanie, have seen multitudes saved and equipped in practically every continent in over 50 nations. David’s passion is to live in the glory of God and to bring the Gospel to as many souls as possible in every nation of the world.

Stephanie Herzog:

Stephanie Herzog is a dynamic, inspirational speaker, who has a passion to see people around the world step into the Glory of God and be healed, delivered and set free. Supernaturally healed when she was a teenager of leukemia, Stephanie teaches others how to access God’s supernatural power. She has an amazing ability to minister fresh revelation with great joy, laughter, and happiness.

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